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Braven (and Jason) have been getting some pretty good reviews.

Momoa neatly balances physicality, vulnerability and unpredictability in a performance that recalls his standout work in the underrated Sundance TV series “The Red Road,” while Lang’s vivid portrayal of a lion in winter is potently charged with alternating currents of angry pride and fearful confusion. Individually and collectively, they make the father-son bond arrestingly compelling. In one scene, Linden pointedly reminds Joe that he turned the logging business over to his son, and more or less guilt-trips Joe into insisting he would never, ever, put his dad in his home. At that point, it stops being a scene, and simply is.

But it’s Momoa’s show and he brings strength, warmth and gravitas to a part that, thanks to an emotionally-grounded script by Thomas Pa’a Sibbett, based on Mike Nilon’s story), proves more than just “Conan, the Lumberjack.”
The LA Times


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