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Jason was recently announced as one of the guests at Ottawa ComiCon in May. It runs for three days and regular three-day tickets are only $69 ($90 at the door).

I’ll add dates for future conventions to the list as they are announced. If you know of a scheduled appearance that doesn’t appear in the ‘important dates’ section, please let me know and I’ll add it asap.



Braven (and Jason) have been getting some pretty good reviews.

Momoa neatly balances physicality, vulnerability and unpredictability in a performance that recalls his standout work in the underrated Sundance TV series “The Red Road,” while Lang’s vivid portrayal of a lion in winter is potently charged with alternating currents of angry pride and fearful confusion. Individually and collectively, they make the father-son bond arrestingly compelling. In one scene, Linden pointedly reminds Joe that he turned the logging business over to his son, and more or less guilt-trips Joe into insisting he would never, ever, put his dad in his home. At that point, it stops being a scene, and simply is.

But it’s Momoa’s show and he brings strength, warmth and gravitas to a part that, thanks to an emotionally-grounded script by Thomas Pa’a Sibbett, based on Mike Nilon’s story), proves more than just “Conan, the Lumberjack.”
The LA Times



ET Online posted an exclusive clip from Braven earlier today. You can watch it below. (Sorry I can’t get it to stop autoplaying)

Braven opens in theaters and is available On Demand on Feb. 2. You can find out more about the movie in the career section here



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